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The following tools are in Microsoft Word format unless otherwise noted.

Agreement for Individual Treatment
A consent form for victims to sign before receiving services.

Intake and Outcome-Based Form
A set of forms that collect data on the initial visit with the client, crisis intervention, educational programs, followup visits, hotline calls, peer and therapeutic counseling, volunteer and sexual assault advocate trainings and programs, and client satisfaction.

Model Limited Release of Information Form (PDF)
A form that allows victims to specify the individuals who may have access to their confidential information.

Victim Rights Brochure
A brochure for crime victims that describes their rights.

Victim's Initial Contact Guide (PDF)
A checklist for advocates to ensure that victims' safety and medical needs, among others, are met.

What To Do If You or Someone You Know Is Assaulted (PDF)
A brochure about sexual assault that addresses statistics, common questions, reporting, and the need for medical attention.