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Evaluation Tools

The following tools are in Microsoft Word format unless otherwise noted.

Anonymous SART Feedback Survey
A questionnaire for individuals who have received SART services. Asks about interactions with the health care provider/forensic nurse, victim advocate, and law enforcement representative.

Confidential Client Evaluation
A questionnaire for individuals who have received SART services. Asks for the names of the forensic examiner, nurse assistant, victim advocate, and law enforcement representative and assesses their actions toward the survivor.

Form for Evaluating Police Response
A questionnaire for victims who have contact with law enforcement. Assesses the initial police response, the victim interview, and the investigation followup.

Needs Assessment Survey
A survey of service providers to determine the available resources and service gaps for victims of domestic and sexual violence in New Hampshire.

Patient Care Satisfaction Survey
A survey of victims who have received emergency medical services to determine the level of care they received and whether medical standards for care of sexual assault victims were met.

Related Tool

SART Feedback Form (PDF)
A four-question survey of victims who went to the hospital for treatment. Assesses their experience at the hospital with the rape crisis advocate, nurse, and law enforcement officer.

SANE Prosecution Survey
A survey of prosecutors that assesses the prosecution of sexual assault cases, the extent of the prosecutor's collaborations, how data are collected, and how and with whom those data are shared.