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Health Care

The following tools are in Microsoft Word format unless otherwise noted.

Authorization for Disclosure of Health Information
A form for the victim to decide whether she wants the services of an advocate and to indicate whether the hospital can disclose confidential information to an advocate or crisis center.

Authorization for Release of Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault Screening
A form that explains the implications of DFSA screening and allows the victim to indicate whether she consents to the taking of blood and urine specimens to detect the presence of drugs.

Comprehensive Toxicology Testing Guidelines (PDF)
A flowchart that shows procedures related to toxicology testing and a victim consent form.

Core Components of a SANE Medical Record
A description of the minimum core components that should be addressed in a SANE medical record.

HIPAA Privacy Guidelines (PDF)
A set of fact sheets that describe how HIPAA privacy guidelines relate to sexual assault programs, crisis centers, and victim advocates in the emergency room.

HIV Counseling: Risk, Testing, and Treatment With Sexual Assault
A fact sheet for victims who may have been exposed to HIV about risk, testing, and treatment.

HIV Risk Assessment Tool (PDF)
A tool to help determine whether the victim needs post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV. 

Job Description: Statewide SANE Coordinator
A sample job description for a statewide SANE coordinator.

On-Call Policy and Procedure: Forensic Medical Examiners
Lists policies and procedures related to on-call forensic nurses, including expectations and responsibilities.

Regulating and Understanding the Nurse Practice
Discusses Nurse Practice Acts, nursing licenses, the role of the SANE coordinator, and the role of the professional organization.