NCJ Number: 195087

Title: Families as a Resource in Recovery from Drug Abuse: An Evaluation of La Bodega de la Familia

Author: Eileen Sullivan Ph.D.; Milton Mino; Kathrine Nelson Ph.D.

Editor: Jill Pope

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Date Published: 2002

Page Count: 85

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Grant Number: 98‑IJ‑CX‑0049

Annotation: This report evaluates the results of a New York City‑based experimental program, La Bodega de la Familia which is designed to help drug abusers by helping their families.

Abstract: By involving the families in case management and other services, as a supplement to probation, parole, or pretrial supervision, the Bodega program increased successful drug treatment, reduced the use of punishment of relapse by incarceration, and ameliorated the harm to families that addiction causes. La Bodega de la Familia program participants, drug abusers, and their families were measured against a comparison group of drug users and their families. Interview methods were used to determine physical and mental health, family functioning, and social support at the time of entry into the program and again six months later. It was found that Bodega case management methods, providing family members with medical and social services, as well as emotional and material social relationship support resulted in a 38 percent decrease of the number of drug abusers in the Bodega program, a significantly greater decrease than that of the comparison group. The report concludes that the Bodega family case management system can effectively support more traditional criminal justice program approaches to treating drug addiction. Appendices

Thesaurus Term: Drug abuse; Drug prevention programs; Family support; Family intervention programs

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