Special Feature: Safety and Preparedness

Safety and Preparedness CollageResearch on preparedness shows that people who believe themselves "prepared" for disasters often aren't as prepared as they think (Corporation for National and Community Service, Community Preparedness Toolkit, Retrieved August 14, 2014).

While the federal government and national leaders must continue to emphasize the importance of preparedness from a national platform, effective strategies for preparedness must also be implemented at the community level and through social networks (Citizen Corps, Personal Preparedness in America: Findings from the 2009 Citizen Corps National Survey, December 2009).

National Preparedness Month (recognized each September) is an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of emergency preparedness, to encourage all Americans to better prepare their homes and communities for emergencies, and to recognize the contributions made by our nation's police, firefighters, and emergency response personnel.

In recognition of National Preparedness Month and for use throughout the year, NCJRS offers this information for communities, those called on to respond to incidents, and those who wish to volunteer during and after incidents. Please select an option from the following list or from the section at the right under the heading "Safety and Preparedness" to learn more: