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Family Violence

“General delinquency research shows that childhood abuse (physical and sexual) is often associated with delinquency and that the early onset of maltreatment may increase the variety, seriousness, and duration of problems. It is also widely suggested that violence begets violence—that today's abused children become tomorrow's violent offenders” (An Update on the Cycle of Violence, National Institute of Justice, 2001).


Crimes involving family members as offenders and victims are considered incidents involving family violence (The Structure of Family Violence: An Analysis of Selected Incidents, Federal Bureau of Investigation).

Intimate partner and family violence, including physical, sexual, and financial abuse, neglect and maltreatment of children, and elder abuse, occurs throughout the country every day. Unlike most other crimes, intimate partner or domestic violence is usually not a sudden, isolated, and unexpected incident. It may involve years of emotional and psychological trauma as well as physical injuries which may become increasingly more severe and occur frequently over time. Exposure to such violence has a devastating impact on all involved, including children living with and experiencing it as witnesses and not direct victims (Domestic and Family Violence, Office for Victims of Crime, Retrieved December 2014).

The following resources provide a glimpse of available research on child abuse and domestic violence, elder abuse, and prevention and intervention programs that focus on family therapy.

This topical resource on Family Violence contains the following information:

Facts and Figures – Includes the latest information and statistics.
Legislation – A sample of links to online Federal and State legislation and testimony.
Publications – A sample of available resources.
Programs – Examples of State and local programs and initiatives available online.
Training and Technical Assistance – A sample of training and technical assistance opportunities available through nationally recognized agencies and associations.
Grants and Funding – Links to Federal funding opportunities.
Related Resources – Examples of nationally recognized agencies and organizations that provide services or information.