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1.  Feminist Engagement with Restorative Justice
NCJ Number   213311
Author: Kathleen Daly; Julie Stubbs
Journal Theoretical Criminology  Volume10  Issue1  DatedFebruary 2006  Pages9-28
Publication Date: February 2006
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2.  Gender Paradigm in Domestic Violence Research and Theory: Part 1--The Conflict of Theory and Data
NCJ Number   211270
Author: Donald G. Dutton; Tonia L. Nicholls
Journal Aggression and Violent Behavior  Volume10  Issue6  DatedSeptember-October 2005  Pages680-714
Publication Date: September 2005
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3.  Incorporating Feminist Theory and Insights Into a Restorative Justice Response to Sex Offenses
NCJ Number   209898
Author: C. Quince Hopkins; Mary P. Koss
Journal Violence Against Women  Volume11  Issue5  DatedMay 2005  Pages693-723
Publication Date: May 2005
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4.  Crimes Women Commit--The Punishments They Receive, Third Edition
NCJ Number   209366
Author: Rita J. Simon; Heather Ahn-Redding
Publication Date: 2005
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5.  Domestic Violence at the Intersections of Race, Class, and Gender: Challenges and Contributions to Understanding Violence Against Marginalized Women in Diverse Communities
NCJ Number   208160
Author: Natalie J. Sokoloff; Ida Dupont
Journal Violence Against Women  Volume11  Issue1  DatedJanuary 2005  Pages38-64
Publication Date: January 2005
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6.  Lessons From International/Comparative Criminology/Criminal Justice
NCJ Number   207407
Publication Date: 2004
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7.  Integrated Theoretical Model of Sibling Violence and Abuse
NCJ Number   206888
Author: Kristi L. Hoffman; John N. Edwards
Journal Journal of Family Violence  Volume19  Issue3  DatedJune 2004  Pages185-200
Publication Date: June 2004
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8.  Policing Criminological Knowledge: The Hazards of Qualitative Research on Women in Prison
NCJ Number   206292
Author: Joane Martel
Journal Theoretical Criminology  Volume8  Issue2  DatedMay 2004  Pages157-189
Publication Date: May 2004
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9.  Social Ecology of Violence Against Women
NCJ Number   206112
Author: Janet L. Lauritsen; Robin J. Schaum
Journal Criminology  Volume42  Issue2  DatedMay 2004  Pages323-357
Publication Date: May 2004
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10.  Analysing Women's Imprisonment
NCJ Number   206024
Author: Pat Carlen; Anne Worrall
Publication Date: 2004
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11.  Gender, Crime and Criminal Justice, Second Edition
NCJ Number   206025
Author: Sandra Walklate
Publication Date: 2004
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12.  Predictors of Change Among Male Batterers: Application of Theories and Review of Empirical Findings
NCJ Number   205997
Author: Katreena L. Scott
Journal Trauma, Violence, & Abuse  Volume5  Issue3  DatedJuly 2004  Pages260-284
Publication Date: July 2004
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13.  Royal Commissions and Criminal Justice: Behind the Ideal (From Crime, Truth and Justice: Official Inquiry, Discourse, Knowledge, P 26-45, 2004, George Gilligan and John Pratt, eds., -- See NCJ-204857)
NCJ Number   204859
Author: David Brown
Publication Date: 2004
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14.  Overview of Delinquent Girls: How Theory and Practice Have Failed and the Need for Innovative Changes (From Female Offenders: Critical Perspectives and Effective Interventions, P 31-64, 1998, Ruth T. Zaplin, ed., -- See NCJ-204080)
NCJ Number   204081
Author: Joanne Belknap; Kristi Holsinger
Publication Date: 1998
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15.  Female Offenders: Critical Perspectives and Effective Interventions
NCJ Number   204080
Publication Date: 1998
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16.  Cost of Lost Intimacy: The Effect of Relationship State on Criminal Justice Decisionmaking
NCJ Number   203314
Author: Myrna Dawson
Journal British Journal of Criminology  Volume43  Issue4  DatedAutumn 2003  Pages689-709
Publication Date: 2003
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17.  Dissociative Experiences of Women Child Abuse Survivors: A Selective Constructivist Review
NCJ Number   202832
Author: Joanne M. Hall
Journal Trauma, Violence, & Abuse: A Review Journal  Volume4  Issue4  DatedOctober 2003  Pages283-308
Publication Date: October 2003
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18.  Toward a Radical Understanding of Trauma and Trauma Work
NCJ Number   202665
Author: Bonnie Burstow
Journal Violence Against Women  Volume9  Issue11  DatedNovember 2003  Pages1293-1317
Publication Date: November 2003
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19.  Theoretical Explanations for Violence Against Women (From Sourcebook on Violence Against Women, P 5-22, 2001, Claire M. Renzetti, Jeffrey L. Edleson, and Raquel K. Bergen, eds. -- See NCJ-201429)
NCJ Number   201430
Author: Jana L. Jasinski
Publication Date: 2001
Abstract   Find in a Library
20.  Psychology and the Law: The Critical Agenda for Citizen Justice and Radical Social Change
NCJ Number   201079
Author: Bruce A. Arrigo
Journal Justice Quarterly  Volume20  Issue2  DatedJune 2003  Pages399-444
Publication Date: June 2003
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21.  The Woman is Not Always the Bad Guy: Dominant Discourse and Resistance in the Lives of Battered Women
NCJ Number   200757
Author: Laura Nichols; Kathryn M. Feltey
Journal Violence Against Women  Volume9  Issue7  DatedJuly 2003  Pages784-806
Publication Date: July 2003
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22.  Violence in the Lives of Female Sex Workers
NCJ Number   200703
Author: Erica Weissman
Journal Sexual Assault Report  Volume6  Issue5  DatedMay/June 2003  Pages67-68,74
Publication Date: May 2003
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23.  He Hits, She Hits: Assessing Gender Differences and Similarities in Officially Reported Intimate Partner Violence
NCJ Number   200643
Author: Heather C. Melton; Joanne Belknap
Journal Criminal Justice and Behavior  Volume30  Issue3  DatedJune 2003  Pages328-348
Publication Date: June 2003
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24.  Vilification of the "Batterer": How Blame Shapes Domestic Violence Policy and Interventions
NCJ Number   200424
Author: Ken Corvo; Pamela J. Johnson
Journal Aggression and Violent Behavior  Volume8  Issue3  DatedMay-June 2003  Pages259-281
Publication Date: May 2003
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25.  Violence Theory Workshop
NCJ Number   199357
Publication Date: 2002
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