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NCJ Number   43605
Journal THE POLICE CHIEF  Volume44  Issue10  Dated(OCTOBER 1977)  Pages88-99
Publication Date: 1977
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177.  Bulletproof Dogs: The Canine Ballistic Vest Phenomenon
NCJ Number   197364
Author: Charlie Mesloh M.P.A; Jennifer James-Mesloh M.P.A
Journal FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin  Volume71  Issue10  DatedOctober 2002  Pages14-17
Publication Date: October 2002
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178.  Emergency Responder Chemical and Biological Equipment Guides and Database
NCJ Number   197978
Publication Date: 2003
Abstract  Agency Summary   
179.  Office of Law Enforcement Standards: Programs, Activities, and Accomplishments
NCJ Number   199569
Publication Date: January 2001
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180.  When Terrorists Play Dirty: Protecting Your Officers and the Public From Dirty Bombs
NCJ Number   199634
Author: Ronnie Garrett
Journal Law Enforcement Technology  Volume30  Issue3  DatedMarch 2003  Pages28-30,32,33
Publication Date: March 2003
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181.  Bloodborne Pathogens Standard
NCJ Number   200340
Publication Date: 1992
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182.  Improving Our View of the World: Police and Augmented Reality Technology
NCJ Number   200341
Author: Thomas J. Cowper; Michael E. Buerger
Publication Date: February 2003
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183.  Staying Safe at the Crime Scene
NCJ Number   200799
Author: Christa Miller
Journal Law Enforcement Technology  Volume30  Issue6  DatedJune 2003  Pages86,88,92
Publication Date: June 2003
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184.  Detection of Blood with Luminol
NCJ Number   200806
Author: Jan LeMay
Journal Law Enforcement Technology  Volume30  Issue6  DatedJune 2003  Pages140,142,145
Publication Date: June 2003
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185.  NIJ Journal Issue No. 249
NCJ Number   200906
Journal NIJ Journal  Issue249  DatedJuly 2003  Pages1-34
Publication Date: July 2003
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186.  NIJ's Bullet-Resistant Vest Standard Reaches Milestone
NCJ Number   200910
Journal NIJ Journal  Issue249  DatedJuly 2003  Pages24-27
Publication Date: July 2003
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187.  Ricin Toxin: What Law Enforcement Needs to Know
NCJ Number   202046
Author: Doug Hanson
Journal Law Enforcement Technology  Volume30  Issue8  DatedAugust 2003  Pages16,18,22
Publication Date: August 2003
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188.  What's that Smell?
NCJ Number   202050
Author: Rebecca Kanable
Journal Law Enforcement Technology  Volume30  Issue8  DatedAugust 2003  Pages74,76,77
Publication Date: August 2003
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189.  Modern Warrior: A Study in Survival
NCJ Number   202406
Author: Richard H. Norcross
Journal FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin  Volume72  Issue10  DatedOctober 2003  Pages20-26
Publication Date: October 2003
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190.  Bulletproof: What Do You Do When the Bad Guy Seems Invincible?
NCJ Number   202412
Author: Greg Parrott
Journal Police: The Law Enforcement Magazine  Volume27  Issue6  DatedJune 2003  Pages56-59
Publication Date: June 2003
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191.  Ceramic Armor: The Bullet Stops Here
NCJ Number   203145
Author: Dave Brown
Journal Law Enforcement Technology  Volume30  Issue9  DatedSeptember 2003  Pages126,128,133
Publication Date: September 2003
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192.  Tactical Operations in a Hazmat Environment
NCJ Number   203166
Author: Frank J. Provenzano Sr.
Journal Sheriff  Volume55  Issue5  DatedSeptember-October 2003  Pages40-41
Publication Date: September 2003
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193.  Less-Lethal Toolbox: Law Enforcement Officers Test the Products on the Use-of-Force Continuum
NCJ Number   203180
Author: Lindsey Bertomen
Journal Law Enforcement Technology  Volume30  Issue10  DatedOctober 2003  Pages64-69
Publication Date: October 2003
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194.  Preparing for the Worst: What you Should Know About Weapons of Mass Destruction Gear
NCJ Number   203943
Author: Shawn Hughes
Journal Police: The Law Enforcement Magazine  Volume27  Issue2  DatedFebruary 2003  Pages34-39
Publication Date: February 2003
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195.  Target: Los Angeles
NCJ Number   204411
Author: William A. Murphy; George Gascon
Journal Homeland Defense Journal  Volume1  Issue9  DatedDecember 2003  Pages28-32
Publication Date: December 2003
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196.  Chemical Exposures Associated with Clandestine Methamphetamine Laboratories
NCJ Number   204467
Author: John W. Martyny Ph.D.; Shawn L. Arbuckle; Charles S. McCammon, Jr., Ph.D.; Eric J. Esswein MSPH; Nicola Erb
Publication Date: 2002
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197.  Got Your Back?: Does Today's Body Armor Really Offer the Life-saving Protection You Need?
NCJ Number   204495
Author: Ronnie Garrett
Journal Law Enforcement Technology  Volume31  Issue2  DatedFebruary 2004  Pages30-32,34,36
Publication Date: February 2004
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198.  Status Report to the Attorney General on Body Armor Safety Initiative Testing and Activities
NCJ Number   204534
Publication Date: March 11, 2004
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
199.  Addendum B to NIJ Standard-0101.04: Ballistic Resistance of Personal Body Armor
NCJ Number   206095
Publication Date: 2004
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
200.  Comparative Evaluation of Protective Gloves for Law Enforcement and Corrections Applications
NCJ Number   206097
Publication Date: October 2001
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