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476.  Electronic Monitoring and Offending Behaviour -- Reconviction Results for the Second Year of Trials of Curfew Orders
NCJ Number   190283
Author: Darren Sugg; Louise Moore; Philip Howard
Publication Date: 2001
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477.  Male Peer Support and a Feminist Routine Activities Theory: Understanding Sexual Assault on the College Campus
NCJ Number   190493
Author: Martin D. Schwartz; Walter S. DeKeseredy; David Tait; Shahid Alvi
Journal Justice Quarterly  Volume18  Issue3  DatedSeptember 2001  Pages623-649
Publication Date: September 2001
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478.  NIJ Research Review, Volume 2, Issue 3
NCJ Number   190748
Publication Date: November 2001
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
479.  Crime and Indigenous Australians
NCJ Number   190951
Author: Darcy Turgeon
Publication Date: June 2001
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
480.  Is Homicide Preventable?
NCJ Number   190958
Author: Paul Schramm
Publication Date: June 2001
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
481.  Early Lessons From the Crime Reduction Programme: Tackling Alcohol Related Street Crime in Cardiff (TASC Project)
NCJ Number   190959
Author: Mark Maguire; Rod Morgan; Hilary Nettleton
Publication Date: 2001
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
482.  Virginia Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Advisory Committee 1999 Annual Report
NCJ Number   191063
Publication Date: October 2000
Abstract  HTML   Find in a Library
483.  Building a Juvenile Correctional Mental Health System
NCJ Number   191065
Author: Orlando L. Martinez
Journal Juvenile Correctional Mental Health Report  Volume1  Issue6  DatedSeptember/October 2001  Pages81-82,88,91-92,94
Publication Date: September 2001
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484.  Security at AUBG: The Challenge of Working in a Multi-Ethnic Society in the Balkans
NCJ Number   191116
Author: Ilko Vangelov
Journal Campus Law Enforcement Journal  Volume30  Issue6  DatedNovember/December 2000  Pages27,29,31-32,33
Publication Date: November 2000
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485.  Intimate Partner Violence, Dependence Symptoms and Social Consequences from Drinking among White, Black and Hispanic Couples in the United States
NCJ Number   191164
Author: Raul Caetano M.D.; Scott Nelson M.A.; C. Cunradi Ph.D.
Journal American Journal on Additions  Volume10  IssueSupplement  Dated2001  Pages60-69
Publication Date: 2001
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486.  Temporal and Regional Aspects of Alcohol-Related Violence and Disorder
NCJ Number   191194
Author: Suzanne Briscoe; Neil Donnelly
Publication Date: May 2001
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487.  Impact of Alcohol Control Policies on the Incidence of Violent Crime: Summary
NCJ Number   191198
Author: Bruce L. Benson; David W. Rasmussen; Paul R. Zimmerman
Publication Date: 2001
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
488.  Hispanic Victims of Violent Crime, 1993-2000
NCJ Number   191208
Author: Callie Marie Rennison Ph.D.
Publication Date: April 2002
Abstract  Agency Summary  PDF  PDF (Spanish)  TEXT  TEXT (Spanish)   Find in a Library
489.  Drug Data Summary Fact Sheet
NCJ Number   191351
Author: Michele Spiess
Publication Date: March 2003
Abstract  PDF   
490.  Prevention and Repression of Corruption Within a Law Enforcement Agency (From Resource Material Series No. 56, P 440-454, 2000, Hiroshi Iitsuka and Rebecca Findlay-Debeck, eds. -- See NCJ-191475)
NCJ Number   191508
Author: Michael A. DeFeo
Publication Date: December 2000
Abstract   Find in a Library
491.  Juvenile Homicide Offenders: 10 Years' Experience of An Adolescent Forensic Psychiatry Service
NCJ Number   191560
Author: Mairead Dolan; Carly Smith
Journal Journal of Forensic Psychiatry  Volume12  Issue2  DatedSeptember 2001  Pages313-329
Publication Date: September 2001
Abstract   Find in a Library
492.  No Confidence: An Unoffical Account of the Waco Incident, Executive Summary
NCJ Number   191599
Author: Timothy Lynch
Publication Date: April 9, 2001
Abstract   Find in a Library
493.  Effects of Substance Use on Specific Types of Criminal Offending in Young Men
NCJ Number   191814
Author: John W. Welte; Lening Zhang; William F. Wieczorek
Journal Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency  Volume38  Issue4  DatedNovember 2001  Pages416-438
Publication Date: 2001
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494.  Overview of Diversion Strategies for Australian Drug-related Offenders
NCJ Number   191828
Author: Catherine Spooner; Wayne Hall; Richard P. Mattick
Journal Drug and Alcohol Review  Volume20  Issue3  DatedSeptember 2001  Pages281-294
Publication Date: September 2001
Abstract   Find in a Library
495.  Employment Status Dichotomy: Understanding What This Means and Using It for Your Advantage in Program Development
NCJ Number   191881
Author: Adam M. Bossler
Journal Corrections Management Quarterly  Volume5  Issue4  DatedFall 2001  Pages32-45
Publication Date: 2001
Abstract   Find in a Library
496.  Time-Varying Risk Factors for Reassault Among Batterer Program Participants
NCJ Number   191894
Author: Alison Snow Jones; Edward W. Gondolf
Journal Journal of Family Violence  Volume16  Issue4  DatedDecember 2001  Pages345-359
Publication Date: December 2001
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497.  Long-Term Impact of a Family Empowerment Intervention on Juvenile Offender Psychosocial Functioning
NCJ Number   191903
Author: Richard Dembo; James Schmeidler; William Seeberger; Marina Shemwell; Matthew Rollie; Kimberly Pacheco; Stephen Livingston; Werner Wothke
Journal Journal of Offender Rehabilitation  Volume33  Issue1  Dated2001  Pages59-109
Publication Date: 2001
Abstract   Find in a Library
498.  Alcohol Expectancies in Convicted Rapists and Child Molesters
NCJ Number   191917
Author: Anu S. Aromaki; Ralf E. Lindman
Journal Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health  Volume11  Issue2  Dated2001  Pages94-101
Publication Date: 2001
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499.  Geographical Disparities Among Trying and Sentencing Juveniles
NCJ Number   192230
Author: Elizabeth A. Klug
Journal Corrections Today  Volume63  Issue7  DatedDecember 2001  Pages100-107
Publication Date: December 2001
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500.  Homicide in the Netherlands: An Exploratory Study of the 1998 Cases
NCJ Number   192352
Author: Paul R. Smit; Catrien C. J. H. Bijleveld; Simone Van Der Zee
Journal Homicide Studies  Volume5  Issue4  DatedNovember 2001  Pages293-310
Publication Date: November 2001
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