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126.  Outside the Walls: A National Snapshot of Community-Based Prisoner Reentry Programs
NCJ Number   222768
Author: Amy L. Solomon; Michelle Waul; Asheley Van Ness; Jeremy Travis
Publication Date: 2004
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127.  Measuring Religion in Prisons: Offenders' Beliefs and Attitudes
NCJ Number   223655
Author: Joanna R. Adler Ph.D.; Nancy Loucks Ph.D.; Jonathan Burnside Ph.D.; G. Tendayi Viki Ph.D.
Journal Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice  Volume8  Issue2  Dated2008  Pages130-149
Publication Date: 2008
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128.  Faith-Based Correctional Programming in Federal Prisons: Factors Affecting Program Completion
NCJ Number   223743
Author: Dawn M. Daggett; Scott D. Camp; Okyun Kwon; Sean P. Rosenmerkel; Jody Klein-Saffran
Journal Criminal Justice and Behavior  Volume35  Issue7  DatedJuly 2008  Pages848-862
Publication Date: July 2008
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129.  Prisoner Radicalization: Assessing the Threat in U.S. Correctional Institutions
NCJ Number   224085
Author: Mark S. Hamm Ph.D.
Journal NIJ Journal  Issue261  DatedOctober 2008  Pages14-19
Publication Date: October 2008
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130.  Effect of Faith Program Participation on Prison Misconduct: The Life Connections Program
NCJ Number   224782
Author: Scott D. Camp; Dawn M. Daggett; Okyun Kwon; Jody Klein-Saffran
Journal Journal of Criminal Justice  Volume36  Issue5  DatedSeptember/October 2008  Pages389-395
Publication Date: September 2008
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131.  Reentry Partnerships: A Guide for States & Faith-Based and Community Organizations
NCJ Number   224916
Author: Jamie Yoon; Jessica Nickel
Publication Date: 2008
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132.  OJJDP News @ a Glance, January/February 2009
NCJ Number   225359
Publication Date: January 2009
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133.  "Keepin' My Mind Right": Identity Maintenance and Religious Social Support in the Prison Context
NCJ Number   226618
Author: Kent R. Kerley; Heith Copes
Journal International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology  Volume53  Issue2  DatedApril 2009  Pages228-244
Publication Date: April 2009
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134.  Indiana Implements a Faith- and Character-Based Housing Program
NCJ Number   228213
Author: Stephen T. Hall
Journal Corrections Today  Volume71  Issue4  DatedAugust 2009  Pages62-64,66,68
Publication Date: August 2009
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135.  Faith and Moral Development: A Case Study of a Jail-Based Correctional Education Program
NCJ Number   229609
Author: Karen Swanson
Journal Journal of Correctional Education  Volume60  Issue4  DatedDecember 2009  Pages343-358
Publication Date: December 2009
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136.  Tempest in a Therapeutic Community: Implementation and Evaluation Issues for Faith-Based Programming
NCJ Number   230016
Author: Diane L. Scott; Matthew S. Crow; Carla J. Thompson
Journal Journal of Offender Rehabilitation  Volume49  Issue1  DatedJanuary 2010  Pages39-51
Publication Date: January 2010
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137.  How RLUIPA Affects Your Agency
NCJ Number   230215
Author: Christopher Mitchell; Joan Kennedy
Journal Corrections Today  Volume71  Issue6  DatedDecember 2009  Pages96-97
Publication Date: December 2009
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138.  Potency of Faith in Successful Offender Reentry
NCJ Number   230216
Author: Jeananne Markway; Doug Worsham
Journal Corrections Today  Volume71  Issue6  DatedDecember 2009  Pages98-99
Publication Date: December 2009
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139.  Evaluation of the Ridge House Residential Program: Final Report
NCJ Number   230741
Author: Janeen Buck Willison; Caterina Gouvis Roman, Ph.D.; Ashley Wolff; Vanessa Correa; Carly R. Knight
Publication Date: May 2010
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140.  Faith Behind Bars: An Explicit Test of the Moral Community Hypothesis in the Correctional Environment
NCJ Number   231292
Author: Paul W. Sturgis
Journal Journal of Offender Rehabilitation  Volume49  Issue5  DatedJuly 2010  Pages342-362
Publication Date: July 2010
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141.  Reasons for Faith-Based Correctional Program Participation: An Examination of Motive Types
NCJ Number   231846
Author: Okyun Kwon; Scott D. Camp; Dawn M. Daggett; Jody Klein-Saffran
Journal Journal of Offender Rehabilitation  Volume49  Issue6  DatedAugust-September 2010  Pages377-397
Publication Date: August 2010
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142.  Corrections Today, Volume 72, No. 4, August 2010
NCJ Number   231930
Author: Enriqueta Tercilla; DonaLee Breazzano; Patricia Elizabeth Taylor; Stephen J. Steurer; John Linton; John Nally; Susan Lockwood; Nancy Lacewell; Holly J. Faris; Louis B. Cei; Ed Roberts; Paul Redfield; David Olson; Richard Rawson; Kevin Knight; Robin L. Hulbert; Dennis Torbett; Sabina Kaplan; Eileen Leonard; Mary L. Shanley
Journal Corrections Today  Volume72  Issue4  DatedAugust 2010  Pages1-96
Publication Date: August 2010
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143.  Faith-Based Corrections and Reentry Programs: Advancing a Conceptual Framework for Research and Evaluation
NCJ Number   234058
Author: Janeen Buck Willison; Diana Brazzell; KiDeuk Kim
Publication Date: 2011
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144.  Justice Resource Update, March 2011
NCJ Number   234071
Publication Date: March 2011
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145.  Crime Prevention Programs for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities in Australia
NCJ Number   235041
Author: Dr. Lorana Bartels
Publication Date: June 2011
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146.  Inmate 46857
NCJ Number   235270
Author: Eddie Charles Spencer; LaFon Walcott Burrow
Publication Date: 2004
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147.  Research Report Digest, Issue 3
NCJ Number   242236
Publication Date: September 2011
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148.  Examining the Relationship Between Religiosity and Self-Control as Predictors of Prison Deviance
NCJ Number   237221
Author: Kent R. Kerley; Heith Copes; Richard Tewksbury; Dean A. Dabney
Journal International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparartive Criminology  Volume55  Issue8  DatedDecember 2011  Pages1251-1271
Publication Date: December 2011
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149.  Constitutional Possibilities of Prison Vouchers
NCJ Number   237544
Author: Alexander Volokh
Journal Ohio State Law Journal  Volume72  Issue5  Dated2011  Pages983-1042
Publication Date: 2011
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150.  Evidence-Based Assessment of Faith-Based Programs: Do Faith-Based Programs “Work” to Reduce Recidivism?
NCJ Number   237595
Author: Kimberly D. Dodson; Leann N. Cabage; Paul M. Klenowski
Journal Journal of Offender Rehabilitation  Volume50  Issue6  DatedAugust - September 2011  Pages367-383
Publication Date: 2011
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