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401.  Rise and Fall of Boot Camps: A Case Study in Common-Sense Corrections
NCJ Number   210498
Author: Francis T. Cullen; Kristie R. Blevins; Jennifer S. Trager; Paul Gendreau
Journal Journal of Offender Rehabilitation  Volume40  Issue3/4  Dated2005  Pages53-70
Publication Date: 2005
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402.  Survival Analysis of Recidivism of Male and Female Boot Camp Graduates Using Life-Course Theory
NCJ Number   210500
Author: Brent B. Benda; Nancy J. Harm; Nancy J. Toombs
Journal Journal of Offender Rehabilitation  Volume40  Issue3/4  Dated2005  Pages87-113
Publication Date: 2005
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403.  Self-Control, Gender, and Age: A Survival Analysis of Recidivism Among Boot Camp Graduates in a 5-Year Follow-Up
NCJ Number   210501
Author: Brent B. Benda; Nancy J. Toombs; Robert Flynn Corwyn
Journal Journal of Offender Rehabilitation  Volume40  Issue3/4  Dated2005  Pages115-132
Publication Date: 2005
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404.  Boot Camp Prisons as Masculine Organizations: Rethinking Recidivism and Program Design
NCJ Number   210502
Author: Faith E. Lutze; Cortney A. Bell
Journal Journal of Offender Rehabilitation  Volume40  Issue3/4  Dated2005  Pages133-152
Publication Date: 2005
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405.  Native American Ethnicity and Childhood Maltreatment as Variables in Perceptions and Adjustments to Boot Camp vs. Traditional Correctional Settings
NCJ Number   210504
Author: Angela R. Gover
Journal Journal of Offender Rehabilitation  Volume40  Issue3/4  Dated2005  Pages177-198
Publication Date: 2005
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406.  Effects of Correctional Boot Camps on Offending
NCJ Number   211115
Author: David B. Wilson; Doris L. MacKenzie; Fawn Ngo Mitchell
Publication Date: January 2003
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407.  Inmates' Experiences in Prisons: Different Perspectives
NCJ Number   212099
Author: Doris Layton MacKenzie; Fawn Ngo Mitchell
Journal Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice  Volume21  Issue4  DatedNovember 2005  Pages309-313
Publication Date: November 2005
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408.  West Virginia Juvenile Corrections 1999 Annual Report
NCJ Number   212117
Author: Michele McKnight
Publication Date: February 2001
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409.  Juvenile Justice System: Delinquency, Processing, and the Law Edition Five
NCJ Number   212362
Author: Dean John Champion
Publication Date: 2007
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410.  Cost-Effective Youth Corrections: Rationalizing the Fiscal Architecture of Juvenile Justice Systems
NCJ Number   213868
Publication Date: 2006
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411.  Juvenile Justice in Australia 2000-01 to 2003-04
NCJ Number   214629
Publication Date: February 2006
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412.  Quasi-Experimental Evaluation of a Shock Incarceration and Aftercare Program for Juvenile Offenders
NCJ Number   214687
Author: James B. Wells; Kevin I. Minor; Earl Angel; Kelli D. Stearman
Journal Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice  Volume4  Issue3  DatedJuly 2006  Pages219-233
Publication Date: July 2006
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413.  Is There a Deterrent Effect of Pains of Imprisonment?: The Impact of Social Costs of First Incarceration on the Hazard Rate of Recidivism
NCJ Number   215047
Author: Michael Windzio
Journal Punishment & Society  Volume8  Issue3  DatedJuly 2006  Pages341-364
Publication Date: July 2006
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414.  Why Immunize Adolescents in Juvenile Residential Facilities?
NCJ Number   215294
Author: Bayo C. Willis; Beatriz E. Builes; Sallyann M. Coleman-King; Cindy M. Weinbaum; Daniel B. Fishbein
Journal Corrections Today  Volume68  Issue4  DatedJuly 2006  Pages54-56
Publication Date: July 2006
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415.  Sexual Violence Reported by Juvenile Correctional Authorities, 2005-06
NCJ Number   215337
Author: Allen J. Beck Ph.D.; Devon B. Adams; Paul Guerino
Publication Date: July 2008
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416.  Does Parental Incarceration Increase a Child's Risk for Foster Care Placement?
NCJ Number   215457
Author: Marilyn C. Moses
Journal National Institute of Justice Journal  Issue255  DatedNovember 2006  Pages12-14
Publication Date: November 2006
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417.  Public Preferences for Rehabilitation Versus Incarceration of Juvenile Offenders: Evidence from a Contingent Valuation Survey
NCJ Number   216702
Author: Daniel S. Nagin; Alex R. Piquero; Elizabeth S. Scott; Laurence Steinberg
Journal Criminology & Public Policy  Volume5  Issue4  DatedNovember 2006  Pages627-652
Publication Date: November 2006
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418.  Colorado Department of Corrections Statistical Report Fiscal Year 2006
NCJ Number   217494
Author: Kristi L. Rosten
Publication Date: January 2007
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419.  Exploring the Impact of Institutional Placement on the Recidivism of Delinquent Youth
NCJ Number   217590
Author: Jeffrey Lin
Publication Date: 2007
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420.  Testing Incapacitation Theory: Youth Crime and Incarceration in California
NCJ Number   218340
Author: Mike Males Ph.D.; Daniel Macallair MPA; Megan D. Corcoran J.D.
Publication Date: July 2006
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421.  Weak Nations, Political Repression, and Punishment
NCJ Number   218876
Author: Rick Ruddell; Martin Guevara Urbina
Journal International Criminal Justice Review  Volume17  Issue2  DatedJune 2007  Pages84-107
Publication Date: June 2007
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422.  Correctional Experiences of Youth in Adult and Juvenile Prisons
NCJ Number   218982
Author: Aaron Kupchik
Journal Justice Quarterly  Volume24  Issue2  DatedJune 2007  Pages247-270
Publication Date: June 2007
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423.  Managing Youth Gang Members in Juvenile Detention Facilities
NCJ Number   224676
Publication Date: December 2002
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424.  Pre-Adjudicated and Adjudicated Girls' Reports on Their Lives Before and During Detention and Incarceration (From Female Offenders: Critical Perspectives and Effective Interventions, Second Edition, P 251-281, 2008, Ruth T. Zaplin, ed. -- See NCJ-225923)
NCJ Number   225931
Author: Joanne Belknap; Bonnie Cady
Publication Date: 2008
425.  Being Inside: An Explorative Study Into Emotional Reactions of Juvenile Offenders to Custody
NCJ Number   226124
Author: Andre M. van der Laan; Lisette Vervoorn; Coen A. van der Schans; Stefan Bogaerts
Publication Date: 2008
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