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376.  Differential Effects of Parent and Grandparent Drug Use on Behavior Problems of Male and Female Children
NCJ Number   153443
Author: J A Stein; M D Newcomb; P M Bentler
Journal Developmental Psychology  Volume29  Issue1  Dated(1993)  Pages31-43
Publication Date: 1993
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377.  Sexual Abuse Label: Adults' Expectations for Children
NCJ Number   153806
Author: K Briggs; L Hubbs-Tait; R E Culp; A S Morse
Journal American Journal of Family Therapy  Volume22  Issue4  Dated(1994)  Pages304-314
Publication Date: 1994
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378.  Violence Against Women: Estimates From the Redesigned Survey
NCJ Number   154348
Author: R Bachman; L E Saltzman
Publication Date: 1995
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379.  Interpretations of Facial Expressions of Emotion by Sexually Abused and Non-Abused Girls
NCJ Number   155457
Author: L A Sullivan; S W Kirkpatrick; P M MacDonald
Journal Journal of Child Sexual Abuse  Volume4  Issue1  Dated(1995)  Pages45-61
Publication Date: 1995
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380.  Modern Form of Slavery: Trafficking of Burmese Women and Girls Into Brothels in Thailand
NCJ Number   155484
Publication Date: 1993
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381.  Ethnic Differences in Psychological Functioning Among Black and Latino Sexually Abused Girls
NCJ Number   155561
Author: K Sanders-Phillips; P A Moisan; S Wadlington; S Morgan; K English
Journal Child Abuse and Neglect  Volume19  Issue6  Dated(June 1995)  Pages691- 706
Publication Date: 1995
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382.  Developmental Patterns of Sex Differences in Delinquency Among African-American Adolescents: A Test of the Sex-Invariance Hypothesis
NCJ Number   155716
Author: S J Jang; M D Krohn
Journal Journal of Quantitative Criminology  Volume11  Issue2  Dated(June 1995)  Pages195-222
Publication Date: 1995
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383.  Differential Drug Use Patterns Among Sexually Abused Adolescent Girls in Treatment for Chemical Dependency
NCJ Number   155866
Author: P A Harrison; N G Hoffmann; G E Edwall
Journal International Journal of the Addictions  Volume24  Issue6  Dated(1989)  Pages499-514
Publication Date: 1989
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384.  Gender as Social Control: A Qualitative Study of Incarcerated Youths and Their Siblings in Greater Sacramento
NCJ Number   156166
Author: J Bottcher
Journal Justice Quarterly  Volume12  Issue1  Dated(March 1995)  Pages33-57
Publication Date: 1995
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385.  Evaluating Contextual Patterns of Delinquency: Gender-Based Differences
NCJ Number   156167
Author: R Triplett; L B Myers
Journal Justice Quarterly  Volume12  Issue1  Dated(March 1995)  Pages59-84
Publication Date: 1995
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386.  Keeping Incarcerated Mothers and Their Daughters Together: Girl Scouts Beyond Bars
NCJ Number   156217
Author: M C Moses
Publication Date: 1995
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387.  Characteristics of Child Sexual Abuse Victims According to Perpetrator Gender
NCJ Number   156456
Author: M M Rudin; C Zalewski; J Bodmer-Turner
Journal Child Abuse and Neglect  Volume19  Issue8  Dated(August 1995)  Pages963-973
Publication Date: 1995
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388.  Resilience Criteria and Factors Associated With Resilience in Sexually Abused Girls
NCJ Number   156886
Author: S Spaccarelli; S Kim
Journal Child Abuse and Neglect  Volume19  Issue9  Dated(September 1995)  Pages1171-1182
Publication Date: 1995
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389.  Comparison of Female and Male Children With Sexual Behavior Problems
NCJ Number   156893
Author: J A Ray; D J English
Journal Journal of Youth and Adolescence  Volume24  Issue4  Dated(August 1995)  Pages439-451
Publication Date: 1995
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390.  Relationship of Abuse Characteristics to Symptoms in Sexually Abused Girls
NCJ Number   157192
Author: F E Mennen; D Meadow
Journal Journal of Interpersonal Violence  Volume10  Issue3  Dated(September 1995)  Pages259-274
Publication Date: 1995
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391.  Female Crime, Criminals and Cellmates
NCJ Number   157221
Author: R B Flowers
Publication Date: 1995
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392.  Girls and Young Women (From Reason to Hope: A Psychosocial Perspective on Violence & Youth, P 167-176, 1994, Leonard D Eron, Jacquelyn H Gentry, et al., eds. -- See NCJ-158633)
NCJ Number   158641
Author: S B Sorenson; P Bowie
Publication Date: 1994
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393.  Juvenile Offenders and the Use of Local Authority Secure Accommodation in England
NCJ Number   158707
Publication Date: 1991
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394.  Structure of Sexual Relations (From The Sociology of Crime and Deviance: Selected Issues, P 163-173, 1995, Susan Caffrey and Gary Mundy, eds. -- See NCJ-159484)
NCJ Number   159491
Author: S Lees
Publication Date: 1995
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395.  Forgotten Few: Juvenile Female Offenders (From Criminal Justice in America: Theory, Practice, and Policy, P 333-342, 1996, Barry W Hancock and Paul M Sharp, eds. -- See NCJ-160206)
NCJ Number   160228
Author: I R Bergsmann
Publication Date: 1996
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396.  Girls and Gangs: A Review of Recent Research
NCJ Number   160790
Author: R G Shelden; S K Tracy; W B Brown
Journal Juvenile and Family Court Journal  Volume47  Issue1  Dated(Winter 1996)  Pages21-39
Publication Date: 1996
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397.  Female Offenders in the Juvenile Justice System: Statistics Summary
NCJ Number   160941
Author: E Poe-Yamagata; J A Butts
Publication Date: 1996
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398.  Girl Problem: Female Sexual Delinquency in New York, 1900- 1930
NCJ Number   161116
Author: R M Alexander
Publication Date: 1995
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399.  From Consent to Responsibility, From Pity to Respect: Subtexts in Cases of Sexual Violence Involving Girls and Women With Developmental Disabilities
NCJ Number   161173
Author: S Razack
Journal Law and Social Inquiry  Volume19  Issue4  Dated(Fall 1994)  Pages891- 922
Publication Date: 1994
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400.  Violent Few: Gang Girls in the California Youth Authority
NCJ Number   161737
Author: J L Rosenbaum
Journal Journal of Gang Research  Volume3  Issue3  Dated(Spring 1996)  Pages17- 23
Publication Date: 1996
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