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1.  Law and Drugs in the United Kingdom (From Frontieres de la repression, 2, 1974, P 149-167 - See NCJ-83148)
NCJ Number   83149
Author: J Woodcock
Publication Date: 1974
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2.  Synthetic Drug Control Strategy: A Focus on Methamphetamine and Prescription Drug Abuse
NCJ Number   213477
Publication Date: 2006
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3.  Section V: Special Reports
NCJ Number   212131
Publication Date: 2005
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4.  Structural Theories and Race-Specific Drug Arrests: What Structural Factors Account for the Rise in Race-Specific Drug Arrests Over Time?
NCJ Number   211562
Author: Karen F. Parker; Scott R. Maggard
Journal Crime & Delinquency  Volume51  Issue4  DatedOctober 2005  Pages521-547
Publication Date: October 2005
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5.  Keep Justice in the Balance: Maintaining Control Standard Weights
NCJ Number   210456
Author: Joseph Moran
Journal Forensic Magazine  Volume2  Issue3  DatedJune/July 2005  Pages17-19
Publication Date: June 2005
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6.  New Jersey Department of Corrections: Offender Characteristics Report, 2004
NCJ Number   210186
Publication Date: December 2004
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7.  Looking the Other Way: The Impact of Reclassifying Cannabis on Police Warnings, Arrests and Informal Action in England and Wales
NCJ Number   209211
Author: Hamish Warburton; Tiggey May; Mike Hough
Journal British Journal of Criminology  Volume45  Issue2  DatedMarch 2005  Pages113-128
Publication Date: March 2005
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8.  Recidivism Among an Early Cohort of California's Proposition 36 Offenders
NCJ Number   208349
Author: David Farabee; Yih-ing Hser; M. Douglas Anglin; David Huang
Journal Criminology & Public Policy  Volume3  Issue4  DatedNovember 2004  Pages563-584
Publication Date: November 2004
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9.  Australian Diversionary Programmes: An Alternative to Imprisonment for Drug and Alcohol Offenders (From Annual Report for 2002 and Resource Material Series No. 61, P 143-165, 2003, -- See NCJ-205803)
NCJ Number   205809
Author: Stephan Vaughan
Publication Date: 2003
10.  Assessing Illinois' Metropolitan Enforcement Groups and Task Forces
NCJ Number   205000
Publication Date: March 2004
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11.  Who's Really in Prison for Marijuana?
NCJ Number   204299
Author: Jeffrey Robinson
Publication Date: 2005
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12.  Cannabis Law Reform in Canada: Is the "Saga of Promise, Hesitation and Retreat" Coming to an End?
NCJ Number   203429
Author: Benedikt Fischer; Kari Ala-Leppilampi; Eric Single; Amanda Robins
Journal Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice  Volume45  Issue3  DatedJuly 2003  Pages265-397
Publication Date: July 2003
Abstract   Find in a Library
13.  Prison Sentence Enhancements: The Case of Project Exile (From Evaluating Gun Policy: Effects on Crime and Violence, P 251-286, 2003, Philip J. Cook and Jens Ludwig, eds. -- See NCJ-203338)
NCJ Number   203345
Author: Steven Raphael; Jens Ludwig
Publication Date: 2003
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14.  Out of Harm's Way? Illicit Drug Use, Medicalization and the Law
NCJ Number   203318
Author: Michael Shiner
Journal British Journal of Criminology  Volume43  Issue4  DatedAutumn 2003  Pages772-796
Publication Date: 2003
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15.  Grenada Drug Information Network, Annual Report
NCJ Number   202386
Author: Dave Alexander
Publication Date: January 2003
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
16.  Statistical Summary of Adult Felony Sentencing Fiscal Year 2002
NCJ Number   202312
Publication Date: January 2003
Abstract  PDF  Add To Shopping cart Find in a Library
17.  Evaluation of the Virginia Exile Program, Final Report
NCJ Number   202301
Author: Sherri Johnson; Emily Heineman; Tracey Smith; Donna Walko-Frankovic; Trina Bogle Willard
Publication Date: July 2003
Abstract  PDF  Add To Shopping cart Find in a Library
18.  Undercover Sting Operations in Money Laundering Cases
NCJ Number   201589
Author: R. E. Bell
Publication Date: 2000
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
19.  Pulse Check: Drug Markets and Chronic Users in 25 of America's Largest Cities
NCJ Number   201398
Author: Marcia Meth; Rebecca Chalmers
Publication Date: January 2004
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20.  Drug Seizure and Offender Statistics, United Kingdom, 2000: Supplementary Tables
NCJ Number   201414
Author: John M. Corkery
Publication Date: 2002
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21.  Influence of Drug Policy on Transportation Policy Decisions
NCJ Number   200782
Author: Juergen Neumeyer
Journal Journal of Drug Issues  Volume32  Issue2  DatedSpring 2002  Pages567-572
Publication Date: 2002
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22.  Elements of Well-Being Affected by Criminalizing the Drug User
NCJ Number   199159
Author: Martin Y. Iguchi Ph.D.; Jennifer A. London; Nell Griffith Forge Ph.D.; Laura Hickman Ph.D.; Terry Fain M.S.; Kara Riehman Ph.D.
Journal Public Health Reports  Volume117  Issue1  Dated2002  PagesS146-S150
Publication Date: 2002
Abstract  HTML   Find in a Library
23.  Drug-related Property Crime in South Australia in 2000
NCJ Number   198293
Author: Helen McRostie; Jayne Marshall
Publication Date: December 2001
Abstract   Find in a Library
24.  Cannabis Expiation Notices (CENs) in South Australia, 1997 to 2000
NCJ Number   198258
Author: Nichole Hunter
Publication Date: November 2001
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25.  Race Relations in Police Operations: A Legal and Ethical Perspective for Officers
NCJ Number   196253
Author: Carl Milazzo; Ronald Hansen
Journal Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology  Volume17  Issue1  DatedSpring 2002  Pages84-94
Publication Date: 2002
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