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Statistical Overviews and Resources


One of the most popular components of the NCVRW Resource Guide is the collection of statistical overviews that address the full spectrum of crime and victimization. The 20 topics presented in one-page statistical overviews can be utilized as stand-alone documents or incorporated into any public education or community awareness publications. The overviews can be personalized with the sponsoring organization’s contact information and are easily replicated or faxed.

Efforts have been made to incorporate the most current and accurate data that address crime and victimization in the United States today. The Bureau of Justice Statistics’ National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) reports on interviews of all household members at least 12 years old in a nationally representative sample of approximately 49,000 households (about 101,000 persons). The NCVS collects information about crimes committed against individuals and households, whether or not those crimes were reported to law enforcement. It estimates the proportion of each crime type reported to law enforcement and it summarizes the reasons that victims give for reporting or not reporting.


Victims, service providers, and allied professionals have an opportunity to receive valuable information about victims’ rights and services, criminal and juvenile justice, crime prevention, and other important issues on an ongoing basis, in electronic format, from the OVC Resource Center (OVCRC) and the National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS). Specific details about how to access such information are contained in this section. Resource Guide recipients can build an impressive library with the most current research and literature available relevant to crime and victimization by registering with NCJRS and OVCRC. For a registration form, call the OVC Resource Center at 800-851-3420.

In addition, a comprehensive up-to-date roster of web sites offers electronic contact information for key Federal agencies, national victim assistance organizations, national criminal and juvenile justice organizations, state VOCA and victim compensation agencies, Federal and state departments of corrections, and other valuable resources.


This section provides a comprehensive listing and contact information for the national organizations that co-sponsor the 2004 Resource Guide. It is also a useful reference listing that can be utilized throughout the year.


The feedback that OVC receives from organizations that utilize the NCVRW Resource Guide is essential to improve and expand future guides. When completing this brief form, victim service providers should specify which resources are most helpful and least helpful. Everyone at OVC thanks you for taking the time to share your insights and recommendations for how to improve the NCVRW Resource Guide.

We also encourage you to provide any documentation of activities and special events you sponsor during 2004 NCVRW so they can be incorporated into the 2005 Silver Anniversary NCVRW Resource Guide. These resources should be sent to: Justice Solutions, 720 Seventh Street, NW, Third Floor, Washington, DC 20001-3716, ATTENTION: Anne Seymour.

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