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National Crime Victims' Rights Week: April 10-16, 2005 bannerNational Crime Victims' Rights Week: April 10-16, 2005 bannerNational Crime Victims' Rights Week: April 10-16, 2005 banner


Maximizing Communication and Awareness

Commemorative Calendar

Throughout 2005, there are numerous commemorative days, weeks and months that pay tribute to crime victims, and/or highlight important issues relevant to justice and public safety. Contact information is provided for the sponsors of each observance, many of whom provide public awareness materials (similar to this Resource Guide) to help generate greater media and community awareness. The dates on the Commemorative Calendar are also incorporated into some of the artwork included in the "Camera-Ready Artwork" section of this Resource Guide.

Notable Quotables

In keeping with the 2005 NCVRW theme, this year's Notable Quotables focus on the combined themes of "justice" and "service," and highlight the President's Task Force on Victims of Crime. Included is a quotation from President Ronald Reagan about the inception of NCVRW; a quotation from OVC Director John W. Gillis about the purpose and importance of the President's Task Force on Victims of Crime; insights from a 2003 "reunion" interview of members and staff of the President's Task Force on Victims of Crime; and quotations from victims and survivors who testified at Task Force hearings across the country in 1982. These quotations offer a valuable perspective on the plight of victims 25 years ago, as well as the progress that has been made since then.

Putting Victims First

The theme of the Office for Victims of Crime – "Putting Victims First" – challenges us to do what we can to make crime victims' rights and services a priority. This document offers suggestions for victims' family members and friends, victim service providers, justice officials, and community members to help them "put victims first" in a manner that is sensitive and supportive. These concepts can be incorporated into virtually all of the suggested victim and public outreach activities included in this Resource Guide.

Sample Proclamation

An excellent way to promote greater awareness of NCVRW is to seek public proclamations or resolutions from state and local governments (including Governors, Attorneys General, state legislatures, county boards of supervisors, mayors, and city or parish councils) that officially proclaim the week of April 10 to 16, 2005, to be "(State or Local) Crime Victims' Rights Week." The sample proclamation highlights this year's theme and the many accomplishments of our field over the past 25 years, and should be personalized to reflect state and local interests, as well as state and local victims' rights and services. Victim assistance organizations and coalitions should coordinate efforts to seek proclamations, and request multiple copies that can be "officially" presented to them. These proclamations can be framed and displayed in the offices of programs that co-sponsor 2005 NCVRW activities.

Sample Speech

NCVRW provides excellent opportunities to deliver speeches and other presentations to crime victims and survivors, criminal and juvenile justice and allied professionals, civic organizations, public policy makers, institutions of higher education and schools, multi-faith entities, and community members about crime victims' rights and needs. The sample speech provides a comprehensive overview of the many accomplishments of the victim assistance field since the first NCVRW commenced in 1981, and reflects the theme of the 25th anniversary of NCVRW. It also includes a quotation from President Reagan to provide a historical perspective of the inception of NCVRW, as well as the creation of his President's Task Force on Victims of Crime that provided a foundation for victims' rights and services as we know them today.

Other Resource Guide documents that can enhance speeches and other public presentations during NCVRW include:

Third Annual National Candlelight Observance

The Third Annual National Candlelight Observance to commemorate the Silver Anniversary of NCVRW, and to pay tribute to crime victims and survivors and those who serve them, is scheduled for Thursday, April 7, 2005, in Washington, D.C. (Additional information about the National Observance - including the time and location - will be available at OVC's Web site: www.ovc.gov/ncvrw2005/welcome.html). All are welcome and encouraged to attend this special event, which is the premiere national tribute to 2005 NCVRW and crime victims and survivors. If you are unable to attend the National Observance in Washington, D.C., you may wish to organize a similar event in your community on this day.

Tips for Outreach to and Collaboration With Multi-faith Communities

Communities that represent various faiths in America are important partners in efforts to assist victims of crime, and to promote the availability of victims' rights and services. Many crime victims and survivors turn to their spiritual advisors and communities for help to cope with the aftermath of crime. These tips can help engage multi-faith communities in efforts to create victim outreach and education efforts within their churches, synagogues, mosques and temples, and through their member activities, not only during 2005 NCVRW, but throughout the year.

Tips to Promote Victim and Community Awareness

A unique feature of this year's tips is 23 creative activities that were sponsored during 2004 NCVRW by programs and coalitions that received NCVRW funding support from the Office for Victims of Crime. These innovative initiatives included news media outreach, creative uses of the NCVRW Resource Guide camera-ready artwork, the creation of public memorials to honor victims, and outreach to traditionally underserved victim populations. More detailed information about each of these NCVRW projects is available from OVC by contacting ovc.ncjrs.gov/askovc.

In addition, this section includes "25 Rights and Services" that can be highlighted to commemorate the 25th anniversary of NCVRW, along with other tips that can help promote the 2005 NCVRW theme.

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National Crime Victims' Rights Week: Justice Isn't Served Until Crime Victims Are April 10–16, 2005
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