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Serving Victims in the Military


Documents and Materials

DoD Dictionary of Military Terms
Lists definitions of common military terms and acronyms.

DoD Directive 6495.01: Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program
Establishes DOD's policy on the prevention of and response to sexual assault.

First Responder to Sexual Assault
Describes how DoD has adopted a program of universal policies and procedures to address sexual assault. The program assigns new roles and procedures and features a multidisciplinary approach that includes medical, spiritual, and mental health personnel; victim advocates; and sexual assault response coordinators.

National Victim Assistance Academy Textbook, Chapter 3, Section 3: Military Justice
Provides information on the military justice system, including nonjudicial punishments, punitive discharges, and appeals. It also covers components of the military's bill of rights for victims of crime and the types of assistance available to them.

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program Procedures
Provides additional details on what the sexual assault prevention and response program should contain for DoD and the military services.

Task Force Report on Care for Victims of Sexual Assault
Provides a high-level, comprehensive assessment of the strengths, weaknesses, and gaps in current DoD and service policies regarding the care of sexual assault victims.

Toolkit to End Violence Against Women: The Role of the U.S. Military in Preventing and Responding to Violence Against Women
Includes recommendations for what the military can do to make a positive difference in how it responds to sexual violence.

Victims of Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Elder Abuse, Rape, Robbery, Assault, and Violent Death: A Manual for Clergy and Congregations—Special Edition for Military Chaplains
Addresses the spiritual dimension of victim services, the importance of the faith perspective, and the role of chaplains in responding to sexual assault.


Center for Women Veterans
Ensures that women veterans have access to gender-specific services and works to improve women veterans' awareness of services, benefits, and eligibility criteria.

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office
Oversees the DoD-wide sexual assault policy.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Strives to provide high-quality, prompt, and seamless services to veterans.

Web Sites

DoD Victim and Witness Assistance Council
Provides victims of and witnesses to crime on military installations with training materials, DoD policy and guidance, applicable forms, links to related sites, contact information for victim and witness assistance coordinators and liaisons, and FAQs.

Military Health System
Provides data on the military health system and its providers.

Uniform Code of Military Justice
Includes links to the Congressional Code of Military Criminal Law that applies to all members of the U.S. military worldwide.