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Template Model for Community Protocols—Ohio

The Ohio Department of Health developed a Template Model for Community Protocols for use by communities in creating their own protocol.

The template was designed to help communities write their own protocols, ensuring that they include all the necessary elements while allowing communities to customize their protocols to reflect their local needs and priorities.

Making the Idea a Reality
An interdisciplinary planning group worked together for more than a year to develop the template model.

Benefits to Victims
The template offers ways to increase coordination among service providers and maintain consistent responses statewide.

Benefits to Victim Service Professionals
The template model increases coordination among service providers by providing communities with tools to develop and expand collaborative partnerships.

Lessons Learned
There are some areas—identified roadblocks or barriers—in which no clear consensus could be reached among group members. The planning group acknowledged these areas, explained the varying options, and relied on each community to determine their own position in these areas.

Contact Information
Ohio Department of Health
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