Put the Focus on Victims
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For Victims


Anniversary Reactions: A Survivor's Guide on How to Cope
Defines "anniversary reaction," provides two survivors' stories, suggests ways to cope and things families and friends might do to help, and provides resources.

If You Have Been Raped or Sexually Assaulted: Know Your Legal Rights
Gives sexual assault victims information about their legal rights in Washington State.

Reach In. Reach Out. Finding Your Resilience
Helps victims and survivors in the aftermath of violence.

Recovering From Your Crime-Related Injuries (DVD)
Provides seriously injured crime victims with general information about the criminal justice system and strategies for coping with the negative emotions that often accompany victimization.

Recovering from Sexual Assault
Covers facts about sexual violence, medical care, the emotional aftermath of sexual assault, criminal justice procedures, and crime victim compensation. Developed for residents of Indiana but can be adapted for use elsewhere.

The Road to Resilience
Describes resilience and some factors that affect how people deal with life-changing and stressful situations.

Sexual Assault Victimization
Provides an overview of sexual assault and services generally available to its victims.


Witness Justice
Provides trauma victims and their loved ones with access to information and support.



Crime Victims' Needs and VOCA-Funded Services: Findings and Recommendations from Two National Studies
Covers victims' experiences including formal and informal sources of help, unaddressed needs for underserved victims, victims' experiences with the justice system and victim rights, and future research agendas.

First Response to Victims of Crime (DVD/VHS and Guidebook)
Describes steps that law enforcement can take, as first responders, to meet victims' needs. Sexual assault is one of the many types of victimizations covered. The special needs of older victims, child victims, immigrants, and victims with disabilities also are addressed.

Gaining Insight, Taking Action: Basic Skills for Serving Victims with Disabilities (Video and Guidebook)
Highlights how to communicate effectively with crime victims, the challenges faced by underserved victim populations, and the relationship between substance abuse and victimization.

Handbook on Justice for Victims
Helps criminal justice agencies and others who meet with victims implement victim service programs and develop victim-sensitive policies, procedures, and protocols.

Incomplete, Inconsistent, and Untrue Statements Made by Victims: Understanding the Causes and Overcoming the Challenges
Addresses why victims may make incomplete, inconsistent, or untrue statements to law enforcement and discusses how to overcome the challenges such statements pose to an investigation.

New Directions from the Field: Victims Rights and Services for the 21st Century
Incorporates views from victims, victim advocates, criminal justice practitioners, and allied professionals to form recommendations for providing justice and comprehensive services to crime victims.

The Psychological Consequences of Sexual Trauma
Describes research findings on the effects of childhood and adult sexual victimization on women's mental health.

Responding To Sexual Violence: A Guide for Professionals in the Commonwealth
Includes information about privacy and confidentiality for survivors of sexual violence.

Toolkit to End Violence Against Women
Contains recommendations for strengthening prevention efforts and improving services from numerous experts in the fields of sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking.

Victim Responses to Sexual Assault: Counterintuitive or Simply Adaptive?
Provides information on the different responses that individuals who are sexually assaulted display as well as the different coping strategies of victims.


Gift From Within
Serves those who suffer posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), those at risk for PTSD, and those who care for traumatized individuals; develops and disseminates educational material.

Male Survivor
Comprises mental health professionals, survivors of sexual abuse, and many who identify themselves as both professionals and survivors.

National Center for Trauma-Informed Care
Assists publicly funded agencies, programs, and services in shifting to a more trauma-informed environment.

The National Trauma Consortium
Functions as a clearinghouse of information about trauma and emerging best practices in trauma treatment and services and also offers training and consultation.

Sidran Institute
Provides education and training on treating and managing traumatic stress, trauma-related advocacy, and information for the public on related issues.


Gateway to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Information
Links to four national and international organizations that provide education regarding PTSD, articles, references, mini courses, 1–800 phone numbers, and e-mail resources.