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CACTUS (record system)
California Bureau of Criminal Statistics
Camera technology
Campus alcohol abuse
Campus crime
Campus police
Campus police training
Campus Safety
Campus Security
Campus Violence
Canadian Indians
Canal Zone (Panama)
Canine (K9)
Capacity (correctional facilities)
Capital investment
Capital punishment
Carbon monoxide poisoning
Career Criminal
Career criminal programs
Career development
Cargo security
Carkhuff Model
Carnival games
Carnivore Scavenging
Case dismissal
Case histories
Case management
Case processing
Case studies
Caseload management
Casino gambling
Casting techniques
Castration of rapists
Caucasian/White Americans
Causal models
Cause of Death
Cause removal crime prevention
Cell Phones
Center for Correctional Justice
Center for Criminal Justice Operations and Management
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Central America
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Certificate programs
Chain of custody
Chambers of Commerce
Change management
Change of venue
Channel Islands
Character testimony
Charitable foundations
Charts and graphs
Check fraud
Chemical Diversion-Trafficking Act-1988
Chemical irritants
Chemical Weapons
Child (5-12)
Child Abduction
Child abuse
Child abuse and neglect hearings
Child abuse as crime factor
Child abuse as delinquency factor
Child abuse causes
Child abuse detection
Child abuse fatalities
Child abuse investigations
child abuse potential
Child abuse prevention
Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act
Child abuse prevention training
Child abuse registers
Child abuse reporting
Child abuse reporting statutes
Child abuse situation remedies
Child abuse training programs
Child abuse treatment
Child abuse-social class relationships
Child burn victims
Child care services
Child custody
Child death review team
Child development
Child emotional abuse and neglect
Child Exploitation
Child fatalities
Child Health and Welfare
Child Molestation
Child molesters
Child Neglect
Child neglect causes
Child placement services
Child Pornography
Child Protection
Child protection laws
Child protection services
Child Sexual Abuse
child support payments
Child victim interviews
Child victims
Child welfare
Childcare worker casework
Childhood depression
Children at risk
Children Exposed to Violence
Children in the courtroom
Children of alcoholics
Children of battered women
Children of drug abusers
Children of incarcerated offenders
Children with AIDS/HIV
Childrens attitudes toward abuse
Childrens Defense Fund
Chinese walls
Chromosomal abnormalities
Cincinnati Information System
Circumstantial evidence
Citizen advisory committees
Citizen aides
Citizen arrests
Citizen associations
Citizen court watching
Citizen crime precautions
Citizen crime reporting
Citizen crime tolerance
Citizen dispute mediation training
Citizen grievances
Citizen gun ownership
Citizen gun use
Citizen information rewards
Citizen legal knowledge
Citizen legal problems
Citizen patrols
Citizen Police Observer Program
Citizen prosecution initiation
Citizen reactions to crime
Citizen response time
Citizen satisfaction
Citizen service units
Citizen/business terrorism prevention
Citizens band radio communications
Citizenship education
Citizenship laws
Civil commitment
Civil contracts system
Civil defense
Civil defense communications
Civil disabilities
Civil disobedience
Civil disorders
Civil disturbance units
Civil Justice
Civil liability
Civil liberties organizations
Civil litigation
Civil proceedings
Civil remedies
Civil remedies for police
Civil rights
Civil service
Civil Service Commission (CSC)
Civil violence causes
Civilian Review Boards
Clandestine Graves
Clandestine laboratory enforcement programs
Class action lawsuits
Class comparisons
Class discrimination
Classification Error
Classified information
Classified Information Procedures Act
Clearance rates
Clergy as probation officers
Client Management Classification (CMC)
Client specific planning
clinical trials
Closed circuit television (CCTV)
Closed trials
Closing arguments
cloud computing
cloud forensics
Club Drugs
Cluster analysis
Code of ethics
Coeducational corrections facilities
Coerced Confessions
Coercive persuasion defense
Coercive persuasion of offenders
Cognitive developmental theory
Cognitive therapy
cognitive-behavioral therapy
Cohort studies
Cold weather policing
Collaborative Research
Collaborative testimony
Collateral estoppel
Collateral Sanctions
Collective bargaining
Collective violence
College Students
Colleges and Universities
Columbia University
Combined DNA Index System (CODIS)
Commercial arbitration
Commercial counterfeiting
Commercial fraud
Commercialized Vice
Commission on Accreditation for Corrections
Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies
Commission on Law Enforcement and Admininstration of Justice
Commission on Obscenity and Pornography
Commission reports
Committal hearings
Committee for Economic Development
Committee for Public Justice Inc
Commodities fraud
Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Common law
Commonwealth of Independent States
Commonwealth of Nations
Communicable diseases
Communicating Victim Rights
Communication channel allocations
Communication techniques
Communications centers
Communications units (police)
Communications vans
Community action programs
Community conflict
Community control of police
Community Corrections
Community corrections acts (CCAs)
Community Courts
Community crime prevention programs
Community Drug Prevention
Community involvement
Community Involvement (juvenile delinquency prevention)
Community Justice
Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS)
Community policing
Community relations
Community Relations Service
Community resources
Community Responses (crime prevention)
Community Responses to Crime
Community Service
Community service intake
Community service officers
Community service order
Community service programs
Community Service Restitution Program
Community support
Community-based corrections (adult)
Community-based corrections (juvenile)
Community-Based Juvenile Delinquency Prevention
Comparative analysis
Comparative criminology
Comparative law
Compassion fatigue
Compensatory education
Competency to stand trial
Competency to testify
Complaint processing
Complaint processing by telephone
Complaints against police
Composite measures
Comprehensive Employment and Training Act
Comprehensive Methamphetamine Control Act of 1996
COMPSTAT (Computer Statistics or Comparative Statistics)
Compulsive gamblers
Compulsive offenses
Compulsory jurisdiction
computed tomography (CT)
Computer abuse
Computer aided dispatch
Computer aided instruction
Computer aided investigations
Computer aided mediation
Computer aided operations
Computer crime investigative Training
Computer crime prevention measures
Computer evidence
Computer facility security
Computer Forensics
Computer generated reports
Computer hardware systems
Computer languages
Computer mapping
Computer privacy and security
Computer privacy and security laws
Computer program models
Computer related crime
Computer security training
Computer simulation
Computer software
Computer Terminals
Computer training
Computer viruses
Computer-related crime legislation
Computerized criminal histories
Computerized document collections
Concealed bodies
Concealed Carry
Concealed Carry Permit
Concealed Weapons
Concealed weapons detection
Conciliation courts
Confidence game
Confidential records access
Conflict of interest
Conflict Policing
Conflict resolution
Conflict theory
Confrontation tactics
Confrontation therapy
Congressional information
Conjugal visits
Consensus theory
Consent search
conservation criminology
Constitutional Rights/Civil Liberties
Construction costs
Construction equipment theft
Consumer advocates
Consumer courts (Sweden)
Consumer Credit Protection Act
Consumer fraud
Consumer Product Safety Commission
Consumer protection
Consumer protection laws
Consumption rates
Containment theory
Contempt of court
Contingency planning
Continuing Criminal Enterprise Act
Contract corrections services
Contract defense services
Contract law enforcement
Contract parole
Contract probation
Contractual disputes
Control units
Controlled Substances
Convenience store security
Convention on the Rights of the Child
Convicted offender incapacitation
Conviction rates
Conviction records
Cooperation among juvenile agencies
Coordinating Council Juvenile Just and Delinquency Prevention
Copyright laws
Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory
Corporal punishment
Corporate crimes
Corporate criminal liability
Corporate self-regulation
Corporate sentencing
Corpus delicti
Correctional counselor training
Correctional Day Programs
Correctional education programs
Correctional facilities
Correctional Facility Capacity
Correctional facility fire codes
Correctional facility inspections
Correctional facility inspector Training
Correctional Facility interior design
Correctional facility renovation
Correctional Facility Security
Correctional facility surveys
Correctional facility transitions
Correctional fees
Correctional forms
Correctional human relations Training
Correctional in-service training
Correctional industries
Correctional information systems
Correctional institution fires
Correctional institution searches
Correctional institutions (adult)
Correctional institutions (juvenile)
Correctional interview training
Correctional law
Correctional officer bill of rights
Correctional officer legal training
Correctional officer stress
Correctional officer training
Correctional Officers
Correctional organization
Correctional personnel
Correctional personnel attitudes
Correctional personnel recruitment
Correctional Personnel Retention
Correctional Personnel Stress
Correctional Personnel Training
Correctional planning
Correctional preservice training
Correctional Records Information System
Correctional reform
Correctional rehabilitation training
Correctional report writing training
Correctional Service Federation (USA)
Correctional staff development
Correctional staff management
Correctional staff needs assessment
Correctional staff orientation
Correctional staff simulation Training
Correctional staff training for the disabled
Correctional staff training instruction
Correctional stress training
Correctional supervision fees
Correctional teacher training
Correctional training center
Correctional training materials
Correctional training standards
Correctional volunteer training
Corrections agencies
Corrections Alarm Systems
Corrections annual reports
Corrections Body Armor
Corrections canine units
Corrections Communication Systems
Corrections costs
Corrections decisionmaking
Corrections education
Corrections effectiveness
Corrections employment/expenditure data
Corrections Equipment
Corrections in foreign countries
Corrections intern programs
Corrections internal security
Corrections management
Corrections management training
Corrections occupational stress
Corrections Personal Protective Equipment
Corrections Personnel
Corrections personnel evaluation
Corrections personnel selection
Corrections policies
Corrections psychological training
Corrections research
Corrections resources
Corrections staff gender differences
Corrections standards
Corrections statistics
Corrections Technology
Corrections training evaluation
Corrections training guidelines
Corrections training needs assessment
Corrections training resources
Corrections training statistics
Corrections trends
Corrections unions
Corrections victims services
Corrections volunteers
Corrections-media relations
Correlation analysis
Correlation of delinquency to adult crime
Correspondence courses
Corruption of public officials
Cost analysis
Cost effectiveness analysis
Cost/Benefit Analysis
Costa Rica
Council of Europe
Council of State Governments
Council on Legal Education Opportunity
Counseling in correctional settings
Counseling techniques
Counseling training
Counselor rape
Counselor Violence
Counter-terrorism intelligence
Counter-terrorism tactics
Counter-terrorism training
Counter-terrorism units
counterfeit drugs
Country-by-country analyses
Country-by-country surveys
County courts
County police
Coupon fraud
Course materials
Court administrators
Court agencies
Court annual reports
Court appointed counsel
Court appointed prosecutors
Court calendar models
Court case flow
Court case flow management
Court case flow models
Court clerk
Court clinics
Court costs
Court data flow simulation
Court delays
Court employment/expenditure data
Court Equipment
Court facilities
Court filing fees
Court information systems
Court management
Court management training
Court of Justice/European Communities
Court of limited jurisdiction
Court ordered institutional reform
Court orders
Court personnel
Court personnel attitudes
Court personnel educational programs
Court personnel orientation
Court procedures
Court records
Court redistricting
Court referrals
Court reform
Court relations
Court reorganization
Court reporting
Court research
Court room violence
Court rules
Court security
Court security training
Court simulation
Court social services
Court standards
Court statistics
Court structure
Court studies
Court support personnel training
Court system
Court Technology
Court use of social science data
Court volunteers
Court-administered arbitration
Court-awarded legal fees
Court-sponsored victim services
Courtroom decorum
Courtroom proceedings broadcasting
Courts (Types of)
Courts martial
Covert entry
Covert markings
Crack babies
Credit card fraud
Credit fraud
Creighton University
Crime analysis
Crime Causes
Crime causes theory
Crime commissions
Crime congress
Crime Control Act of 1973
Crime Control Act of 1976
Crime Control Act of 1984
Crime Control Act of 1990
Crime control model
Crime control policies
Crime Control Programs
Crime control theory
Crime costs
Crime data files
Crime detection
Crime displacement
Crime in foreign countries
Crime in recreational areas
Crime in schools
Crime in small towns
Crime insurance
Crime laboratories
Crime laboratory equipment
Crime laboratory facility planning
Crime laboratory management
Crime Mapping
Crime measurement
Crime patterns
Crime prediction
Crime Prevention
Crime prevention education
Crime Prevention International Inc
Crime prevention measures
Crime prevention officer training
Crime prevention officers
Crime prevention planning
Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED)
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) programs
Crime prevention training
Crime Rate
Crime rate studies
Crime reporting by children
Crime Risk Factors
Crime scene
Crime Scene Analysis
Crime Scene Investigation
Crime seriousness measures
Crime simulation
Crime specific countermeasures
Crime specific law reform
Crime Statistics
Crime stoppers programs
Crime surveys
Crime typologies
Crimes against businesses
Crimes against children
Crimes against persons
Crimes against teachers
Crimes against the elderly
Crimes against the justice system
Crimes in progress
Crimes of opportunity
Crimes of passion
Criminal abortion
Criminal aliases
Criminal Background Check
criminal behavior
Criminal career patterns
Criminal Code Reform Act of 1979
Criminal codes
Criminal commuting
Criminal disguises
Criminal Fine Enforcement Act-1984
Criminal Fine Improvements Act-1987
Criminal histories
Criminal history exchanges
Criminal History Records
Criminal infiltration of business
Criminal intent
Criminal investigation
Criminal investigation overview
Criminal investigation training
Criminal investigation units
Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice Accreditation Council
Criminal justice agencies
Criminal justice archive and information network
Criminal justice careers
Criminal justice centers
Criminal justice coordinating committee
Criminal justice coordinating councils
Criminal justice education
Criminal justice employment/expenditure data
Criminal justice evaluation
Criminal justice facilities
Criminal justice ideologies
Criminal justice information systems
Criminal justice internships
Criminal justice overview bibliography
Criminal justice overview texts
Criminal justice planning councils
Criminal justice program directories
Criminal justice program evaluation
Criminal justice projects
Criminal justice research
Criminal justice staff needs assessment
Criminal justice standards
Criminal justice statistics
Criminal justice system analysis
Criminal justice system coordination
Criminal justice system coordinator
Criminal justice system directories
Criminal justice system effectiveness
Criminal justice system management
Criminal justice system personnel
Criminal justice system planning
Criminal justice system policy
Criminal justice system reform
Criminal Justice System Response to Victims
Criminal justice terminology
Criminal justice training
Criminal justice training evaluation
Criminal law
Criminal methods
Criminal population
Criminal procedures
Criminal proceedings
Criminal Record Systems
Criminal responsibility
Criminal Solicitation
Criminal tribes
Criminalistics training
Criminality prediction
Criminally insane persons
Criminogenic commodities
Criminology overview texts
Criminology theory evaluation
Crips and Bloods
Crisis intervention
Crisis intervention training
Crisis management
Crisis relocation planning
Crisis Response
Crisis shelters
Critical criminology
Critical incident stress
Critical Infrastructure Protection
Critical path method
Crop Eradication
Cross-cultural analyses
Cross-cultural comparisons
Cross-cultural theories
Cross-cultural training
cross-national crime
Cross-sectional Studies
Crowd behavior
Crowd control
Cruel and unusual punishment
Cruelty to animals
Cultural influences
Custodial Interrogations
Custody deaths
Custody vs treatment conflict
Customs violations
Cutback management
Cyber bullying
Cyber Crime
Cyber Criminal
Cyber safety
Cyber security
Czech Republic