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Juvenile Justice Journal, Volume II, Number 2 (JJDP Act Issue), OJJDP, December 1995, NCJ 152979. (36 pages).
PDF   TEXT   NCJRS Abstract 
Managing Innovation in Policing: The Untapped Potential of the Middle Manager, NIJ, December 1995, NCJ 184199. (2 pages).
PDF   TEXT   NCJRS Abstract 
Prisoners at Midyear 1995, BJS, December 1995, NCJ 158021. (9 pages).
Agency Abstract   PDF   NCJRS Abstract 
Case Management With Drug-Involved Arrestees, NIJ, November 1995, NCJ 184350. (2 pages).
PDF   TEXT   NCJRS Abstract 
Childhood Victimization and Risk for Alcohol and Drug Arrests, NIJ, November 1995, NCJ 184317. (2 pages).
PDF   TEXT   NCJRS Abstract 
Community Assessment Centers: A Discussion of the Concept's Efficacy, OJJDP, November 1995, NCJ 161858. (19 pages).
TEXT   NCJRS Abstract 
Comprehensive Gang Initiative Program, BJA, November 1995, FS 000116.
Coordinated Response to Motor Vehicle Thefts: Evaluation of Enforcement and Crime Prevention Efforts, NIJ-Sponsored, November 1995, NCJ 185351. (18 pages).
PDF   NCJRS Abstract 
Coordinating Council on Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, OJJDP, November 1995, FS 9531. (2 pages).
TEXT   DOC (Word Document)  
Differentiated Case Management Fact Sheet, BJA, November 1995, FS 000061.

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