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Conduct of Adjudicative Hearings—OK
An Oklahoma statute (Title 10A: Children and Juvenile Code, § 10A-2-2-402) allows advocates to be present at juvenile hearings in support of victims.

Financial Responsibility for Forensic Examinations—GA
A Georgia law holds law enforcement responsible for the cost of the medical examination to the extent that expense is incurred for the limited purpose of collecting evidence. Search for Title 16, Chapter 6, Sections 1–2 in the Lexis-Nexis Georgia Code—Free Public Access site.

Forensic Examination With Delayed Reporting–ME
A Maine law gives victims of sexual assault who submit to a forensic exam 90 days to decide whether to report the crime to law enforcement.

Funding for Rape Crisis Services—FL
Florida law created a rape crisis program trust fund by imposing a fine on certain convicted offenders, most of which is used to fund rape crisis centers in the state. See the following Florida statutes for more information:

§ 938.085: Additional cost to fund rape crisis centers

§ 794.055: Access to services for victims of sexual battery

§ 794.056: Rape Crisis Program Trust Fund

Funding for Sexual Assault Forensic Examinations—MT
An act appropriating money to be used for the costs of sexual assault forensic exams.

Funding for Sexual Assault Services—IL
Illinois law imposes a fine on anyone convicted of sexual assault or attempted sexual assault, which is deposited in a sexual assault services fund. Once you click on the above link, scroll down to section 5–9–1.7, Sexual assault fines (730 ILCS 5/5–9–1.7).

Laws Regarding Sexual Assault Medical-Forensic Examinations—KY
A selection of Kentucky laws regarding sexual assault medical-forensic exams:

Reporting Treatment of Victim of Rape or Sexual Assault; Penalty—MA
A Massachusetts law specifies that if a victim of sexual assault is treated medically, the assault must be reported to the criminal history systems board, but the victim's name and identifying information should not be included in this report. Search for Part I, Title XVI, Chapter 112, Section 12A.5 at the Massachusetts Legislature Existing Laws site.

Resolution Establishing Task Force—OK
A Joint Resolution establishing the Oklahoma Task Force to Stop Sexual Violence.

Sexual Assault Examination Payment Policy—MS
A policy that establishes that the bill for the medical forensic examination and the preparation of the sexual assault evidence collection kit will be sent to the Office of the Attorney General, Division of Victim Compensation, not to the victim.

Sexual Assault Protection Order Act—WA
A Washington State law related to sexual assault protection orders.

Sexual Assault Testing and Evidence Collection Act—PA
This Pennsylvania act provides for a sexual assault evidence collection program and establishes civil immunity.

Sexual Crimes Prosecution and Treatment Act—NM
This act promotes effective law enforcement and prosecution of sexual crimes and provides medical and psychological assistance for victims of such crimes. Search for Chapter 29, Article 11 at the New Mexico Statutes site.

Victim of Rape or Forcible Sodomy: Notice of Rights—OK
This law states that victims of sexual assault have the right to be notified that they are entitled to certain rights.

Victim Right to an Advocate—NJ
This bill requires law enforcement, prosecutors, and medical providers to notify a rape crisis center advocate when responding to an alleged sexual assault and stipulates the rights that the advocate is required to inform the victim of upon meeting.

Victim Right To Be Present at Court Proceedings—VA
This law gives victims the right to attend all court proceedings at which a defendant is allowed to be present.

Victim Right To Have an Advocate at Interviews—CA
This law gives victims of sexual assault the right to have a victim advocate and a support person present at any interview conducted by law enforcement authorities, prosecuting attorneys, or defense attorneys.

Victim Right To Have an Advocate Present During the Forensic Exam—TX
Once you click on the above link, scroll down to Art. 56.045. This article directs that any medical personnel conducting a forensic exam of a sexual assault victim must offer to the victim a sexual assault advocate to be present as support during the exam.

Victim-Counselor Privilege for Rape Care Advocates—NJ
This law states that a victim counselor has a privilege not to be examined as a witness in any civil or criminal proceeding with regard to any confidential communication.