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International Monthly Accessions List (IMAL)

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March, 2013

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International Criminology2International Terrorism1
International Juveniles3International Victims2
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International Criminology
1. Life Conditions of Australian Ex-Prisoners: An Analysis of Intrapersonal, Subsistence, and Support Conditions
 NCJ Number:  241511
 Author:  Joseph Graffam ; Alison J. Shinkfield
 Journal: International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology  Volume:56  Issue:6  Dated:September 2012  Pages:897 to 916
 Publication Date:  09/2012
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2. Workplace Violence in Hong Kong, China: Nature, Impact, and Preparedness
 NCJ Number:  241514
 Author:  T. Wing Lo ; Duncan Chappell ; Sharon Ingrid Kwok ; Joseph Wu
 Journal: International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology  Volume:56  Issue:6  Dated:September 2012  Pages:955 to 975
 Publication Date:  09/2012
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International Terrorism
3. Crimes Committed by Terrorist Groups: Theory, Research, and Prevention
 NCJ Number:  241208
 Author:  Mark S. Hamm ; Cecile Van de Voorde
 Journal: Trends in Organized Crime  Volume:9  Issue:2  Dated:Winter 2005  Pages:18 to 51
 Publication Date:  2005
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International Juveniles
4. Evaluation of Alternative Dispute Resolution Initiatives in the Care and Protection Jurisdiction of the NSW Children’s Court
 NCJ Number:  240744
 Author:  Anthony Morgan ; Hayley Boxall ; Kiptoo Terer ; Nathan Harris Ph.D.
 Publication Date:  2012
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5. Effective Community-Based Supervision of Young Offenders
 NCJ Number:  240745
 Author:  Chris Trotter
 Publication Date:  12/2012
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6. Out of Trouble: Reducing Child Imprisonment in England and Wales - Lessons From Abroad
 NCJ Number:  240776
 Author:  Enver Solomon ; Rob Allen
 Publication Date:  2009
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International Victims
7. Categorical Accommodation and Assistance for Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings: A Study of Four European Countries
 NCJ Number:  240190
 Author:  I. Kulu-Glasgow ; A.M. Galloway ; E.M.T. Beenakkers ; M. Smit ; F. Zwenk
 Publication Date:  08/2012
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8. Supportive Process for Ending Intimate Partner Violence After Pregnancy: The Experience of Nicaraguan Women
 NCJ Number:  241585
 Author:  Mariano Salazar ; Ulf Högberg ; Eliette Valladares ; Ann Öhman
 Journal: Violence Against Women  Volume:18  Issue:11  Dated:November 2012  Pages:1257 to 1278
 Publication Date:  11/2012
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